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World Medical & Health Policy studies the ways that public policy affects the practice of medicine. Though medical practice itself focuses on the individual patient, it occurs in an increasingly complex and increasingly global environment governed by macro-level policy decisions as well as social and economic contexts. Diseases, patients, treatments, doctors, and medical technology spread and travel around the world, and medical practice is now as much subject to global policy decisions as it is to micro-level clinical practices. The mission of World Medical & Health Policy is to publish evidence-based research on the intersection of public policy and medical practice, and to translate it into policy implications and recommendations. Edited by a group of medical doctors, medical researchers, and policy scholars from the World Medical Association and George Mason University, the journal helps clinicians navigate the often tangled world of policies, regulation, and medical ethics, procedures, and helps policymakers design policies that improve health outcomes.

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Four issues/year
Content available since 2009 (Volume 1, Issue 1)
ISSN: 1948-4682

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