Otmar Kloiber, Secretary General, World Medical Association
Arnauld Nicogossian, George Mason University
Tom Zimmerman, International Society of Microbial Resistance

World Medical & Health Policy is a unique new journal dedicated to the intersection of politics, policy, medicine, and public health. We live in a globalizing world, where public policy decisions affect the prevention of diseases and the practice of medicine.

The mission of World Medical & Health Policy is to publish articles that translate research into policies and practice standards. The journal brings a policy perspective to medical practice, translating empirical evidence into policy recommendations, with special attention to the ethical allocation of scarce resources that can make or break the success of health measures and clinical practices.

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Current Issue: Volume 1, Issue 1 (2009)



Arnauld Nicogossian, Otmar Kloiber, Tom Zimmerman, and Naoru Koizumi

Invited Articles


A Community Health System Response to the Pandemic of Novel H1N1
Scott Cormier, Edward J. Septimus, Julia Moody, and Jonathan B. Perlin

Letters and Commentaries

Original Articles

Policy Forum


Health System Reconstruction in Iraq - The Way Ahead: A Report from the Iraq Health Symposium, May 20-21, 2008
David A. Tarantino Jr., Melinda J. Morton, Akhila Kosaraju, Shakir Jawad, and S. Ward Casscells

Book Reviews


A Review of David Watts' Bedside Manners
Jeremy D. Mayer and Naoru Koizumi


Book Reviews
Arnauld Nicogossian

In the News


In The News
Michelle Kloc, Arnauld Nicogossian, and William Jacobs