Warren S. Eller, University of North Carolina, Pembroke
  Brian J. Gerber, Louisiana State University
  Hank C. Jenkins-Smith, University of Oklahoma

The Policy Studies Organization (PSO) is pleased to announce Risk, Hazards & Crisis in Public Policy. This new journal provides a forum for research and commentary that examines societiesí understanding of and measures to address risks and hazards, how public policies do and should address these concerns, and how a better understanding of societal hazard and risk situations may attenuate crises.

The journal publishes theoretical and applied papers across the spectrum of risks and crises ó natural and technological hazards, public health, terrorism, and societal and environmental disasters. The journalís first articles will be available in Fall 2009. To stay notified, please sign up for email alerts by entering your e-mail address in the right-hand sidebar. To submit your next paper, please click here.