Most Recent Additions Policy Studies Commons*


Evidence Based Policy: A Global Challenge to Medicine in an Era of Mistrust
Arnauld Nicogossian, Naoru Koizumi, and Jessica Heineman-Pieper


Futures of Science and Technology Policy
Alan J. Tomkins, Liz Johnson, and Michael Simpson


Policy in Science and Engineering Graduate Education: Building Boundary Spanning Competence
Nicholas P. Lovrich, William W. Budd, and Steven D. Stehr


Climate Change: The Future of A Crisis
So Young Kim and J. Scott Armstrong


Internet Investment After the Crisis
Eric T. Weber and Darrene L. Hackler


The STEM Workforce as Problem and Promise
Robert V. Hamilton, Sorina Vlaicu, Connie L. McNeely, Lisa Frehill, Jay Labov, and Jong-on Hahm


Solution to the Energy/Climate Change Conundrum
Simon Berkovich and Sarmistha Rina Majumdar


Ethics, Policy, and the Obama Administration
Shane J. Ralston and Lenneal J. Henderson


Internet and Community: What Does the Future Hold?
Nigel Cameron, Erik Fisher, Michael R. Nelson, Jules Polonetsky, Erica Newland, and Jeff LaCagna


Global Health Challenges
Barbara Billauer and Hanan Al Shargi

*Updated as of 12/16/09.